How do I start??


Just started writing DAZ scripts and would like to start developing plugins as well..

Can't find useful resources to help me understand the basics, don't even know how to start..


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    You will need some previous experience with the C++ programing language. It can be a hard task to start developing plugins and learn C++ at the same time.

    The Software Development Kit (SDK) is available free in the DAZ shop, just search for SDK. The install manager will put it in a folder called "DAZStudio4.5+ SDK" in your MyLibrary folder beside your other products.

    In the "DAZStudio4.5+ SDK" folder you will find a "docs" and a "samples" folder.

    In the "docs" folder open the "index.html" file. The "SDK Basics" section at top right will get you started on learning about how it all goes together.

    Once you have read enough to understand the basics then open the "samples" folder. There you will find the code for a number of sample/demonstration plugins.

    The samples are bundled with a Visual Studio 2010 solution/project file (Samples.sln). There are a few posts in this forum about changing the VS2010 project files to work with later versions of Visual Studio including VS Express/Community.

    Simply modifying a sample plugin code files is an easy way to start, and your modified sample should work fine on your installation of DAZ (or Beta). You should change the GUIDs in the code. Especially if you want to share your plugin with others or create multiple test plugins from the same sample. When you get to that point look into the link to "AFirstPlugin" post below.

    When you have a question start by browsing this forum first before actually posting a question. Previous posts are a great resource and will give you a far quicker response than waiting for somebody to respond to your post.  The best method to search the forum is simply to browse back through the forum headings. The search facility is only really useful for uncommon words like DzNode. 

    Here are a couple of previous posts about getting started with SDK and plugins.  

    Getting started.  What version of Visual Studio Express to use ?   Just getting into the SDK, confused already  AFirstPlugin example problem


    Have fun.

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