DS4.5 plugin SDK getting started?

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    I can answer 4) and 5) - the SDK includes some sample projects (which need Visual Studio 10), and yes the SDK is for the 4.5 RC which can't be run alongside the public version. As for Mac and Windows support, that would I think be up to you - certainly if you are going to make the plugin free or sell it yourself rather than through DAZ.

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    I can answer about the Mac parts. The SDK uses Qt and if you stick to the Qt framework, which is quite extensive, you will be able to recompile on both platforms with minor effort. I develop on Mac OS and then recompile on Windows and there are no code changes for Reality. The main issue is to deal with some compiler differences. g++/CLang on Mac OS allows several options that are not available with VC++.

    IDE-wise, I don't use any. I like a good editor. I write my code in Sublime edit, which is available for Windows as well. I used TextMate before that. The IDE of choice on Mac OS is XCode, which you can download for free from Apple. It's definitely good but the editor, as with every IDE, leaves a lot to be desired.
    My build system is based on CMake, I generate the project files for XCode and VC++ from there.

    Good luck.

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    ParticleFX DS4 is compiled for DS4 of course and I have a DS4.1 Plugin compiled with the DS4.1SDK but fails to load in DS4.5 Pro version..

    I havent compiled a plugin yet but will give it a try...

    I have the 4.5 DS SDK
    I have Express Studio 2010
    I also have codeblocks-10.05mingw-setup

    Now am I to assume I install DS4.5Pro and the DS SDK4.5
    Open Express or codeBlocks and then open ParticleFX DS4.Dll as a Project..
    Then some where I will find and Option/Icon to build the PFX.dll and Hopefully it will work in DS 4.5...
    Or do I have to do something else...?

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    I'm no expert, Foley, but you'll have to set-up a number of things in Express that are far from obvious if you don't know how to set them up. I tried with Express 2008 (IIRC?), and needed help from a local expert. I have later tried installing Express 2010 and since I didn't have an expert on-hand, I failed to set it up (it looks significantly more complicated). I'd love to have a written or video tutorial on how to set-up Express myself.

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    I agree...I would love a step by step on useing the DS SDK and express on setting up the project....

    I have the original source code I just dont have the new code Vasily did on the Plugin to make it compatible with DS4.0 32,64,Mac...

    Vasily is so slammed with work thru scopic that I havent tried...

    I guess I need to contact hime and get the new Projects...

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