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Anyone have any experience getting to the render settings in 3Delight, specifically related to the render to RIB settings using the SDK?

I can get to the DzPane (DzRenderSettingsPane) just fine, but don't know how to iterate thru the controls/options.
I can get to the DzRenderOptions just fine, but the Render to RIB settings are not available.

I have seen numerous examples on how this is done in script, but would rather keep it in the C++(Qt) environment if possible.

Any help would be much appreciated!


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    While DzRenderer and DzRenderOptions provide general access to a renderer and options through the SDK, specific access to a particular renderer and its specific options is not. The 3Delight renderer is provided by a plugin, and like most plugins is not part of the SDK.

    A few settings, however, are indirectly exposed to plugin/script... through DzAppSettings (or DzSettingsHelper in script). The sample script I posted on the Documentation Center does it the same way a plugin could. These settings were originally [quietly] exposed to script, like this, before they appeared in the interface several versions later.


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    Thanks Rob!

    I thought that may be the case. I thought I would ask anyway... as I always do. I have a good work-around and my new project is nearing completion.

    Thanks again for the timely reply. I know how busy things can get. :-)

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