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Dear Development community,
it has been a long time since I dirtied my hands with some DAZ Studio Plugin Coding and I am actually struggling to work with custom scene data and custom element data.

The fact I need to know is how the thing works (maybe I am stupid but I cannot find anything in the documentation) since I cannot get it from the included examples.

What is need to do is to add some additional data (in my case they should actually be the value of an enumerator and an array of floats which will represent a satisfaction function) to any item of DzNode.

The thing I do not understand is how the included example works: do extending DzNode autamagically include my properties on every DzNode in the scen , or does this work on another way and I have to create a custom action that adds my subclass to the, scene?

Hope I have been clear,


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    In the SDk is a samples folder. In that folder is a saving folder. In there are two folders:
    - customelements
    - customscenedata

    Have you looked at these?

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    As I said in my first post I checked them.

    Anyway it seems that adding DzSimpleElementData to a DzNode with the persistent attribute actually saves my custom data.

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