How to Make These weapons Glow with Color Magical Weapons Set ??

How to Make These weapons Glow with Color Magical Weapons Set ?? ;



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    3DL or Iray? For Iray, what you need to do is set the Emission to some colour, not black, and it will emit that colour of light. To get the glowing parts to show the colour of the light, it needs to be quite dark (high Sat., low Val. when using the colour picker), otherwise it will just appear white, even if the light coming out is tinted. You can adjust the Luminance and/or Luminance Units to get the intensity you want. The Bloom filter can add that fuzzy glow around the illuminated parts (all parts above the threshold, not just the staff). If there is a Base color bitmap, try putting that in the Luminosity channel and set the colour to white or grey to retain the original colours and any patterns you want to see. Again, not too bright, or it will get washed out.

    For 3DL, the most basic is to set the Ambient to some colour and value. (This product uses the omUberSurface shader, which is a little different: you need to set Ambient active to ON, set the color and the strength). It will not cast any light on the surroundings, but will glow.

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    Upon closer examination, many of the effects in the promos are postwork (like lens flare or some kind of misty, swirly things).

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