Importing 3D models and Textures from Google Earth?

Hi folks

There's now a number of alternatives to doing this. Has any one else done it, and if so what's the best way?


  • WendyLuvsCatzWendyLuvsCatz Posts: 33,739

    I haven't seen a legal way to do this,

    there are plenty of ways using browser addons to capture the 3D photogrammic mesh and Blender addons

    but the Google terms of use are pretty clear on usage, even an image needs their full text included

    The Trimble Warehouse 3D models if using those each have their own terms of use and varies from one model to the next too.

  • YofielYofiel Posts: 204

    I had suspected that, but you confirmed it thank you ) 

    How much is it ok to use the Google Earth data as a guide to build my own models, would you know?

  • WendyLuvsCatzWendyLuvsCatz Posts: 33,739

    read the terms and conditions, you certainly can build models using it as a guide that is how the Sketchup models are made, also OpenStreetMap has numerous plugins built using their data that create blocks matching building sizes in various software including Blender and Twinmotion which I use placing matching trees as well as the roads and water bodies.

    There is also a standalone that exports ob


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