Tenebris (G8.1F) hair not rendering in Iray?

Got the Tenebris hair in the bundle on sale recently, first time with the vendor's products.  The hair won't render in Iray - character is bald.  Using the latest version of Daz, I just updated it right before using the hair yesterady.  Hair shows up fine in texture shading view.  But, the hair doesn't show up in the iray viewport either, even when I enable PR hair preview and increase the tessellations.

Any other settings I should try?  Anyone else run into this problem?  Thanks.



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    Which tool do you have selected? dForce hair won't render if you have tools like geometry editor, joint editor or mesh grabber selected (probably because DS can't compute the hair while the geometry it's based on is considered as being edited).

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  • Universal tool.  I HAVE mesh grabber, but I wasn't using it.

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