Help with using Daz Central to install assets to my external hard drive and not mess things up

In the past I have been using daz central to install assets using its default location my C drive. Most of my assets now have been uninstalled because of space issues on my c drive and would like to use daz central install my assets on my external drive. Not the program, just the assets. I'm nervous making changes because of a prior instance (unrelated to this) where I thought I knew what I was doing and ended up messing something up so I am asking first.

I see the cog wheel where I can change base path location and daz studio install location. Is Base Path the correct one to change? I have read that I need to go into Daz Studio after and point it in the direction of the new drive and that seems simple enough. 

I plan on copying MyLibrary to the external hardrive too. Will my character presets, saved scenes and such still work? What is the safest way to not break those connections?



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