Don't Believe This!

Could somebody, Please tell me what the hell is this???

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    did you accidently have something in your clipboard?

    since that is where you usually post your prefered author name and email etc for saving content 

  • Yes, the Authorship information is corrupt - can you edit it?

  • GhéinGhéin Posts: 4

    Hi Guys,

    Don't seem to be able to do anything with it. It was OK before the last update.  

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    Apropos of nothing, the 쟑  syllable that keeps appearing is, as far as I can tell, gibberish. It's a syllable that is theoretically possible but does not actually appear in the language.

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    Well Guys, I did it the Hard way. one line at a time (took about 50 mins) 

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    Did CTRL+A not work?

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    No Gordig,

    Just my finger and mouse on the back space key. But thanks for taking the time for me!

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