Horror and Action Lights Render Settings

So I just purchased this product to see if it can help me setup soem vehicle lights for night time scene.  I tried adding taillights and headlights.  I have done several trial and error here and can't seem to get the effect I would like.


  • felisfelis Posts: 1,592

    I don't know what effect you are after, but those tail light seems way too strong.

    I think, I would try to put a dim bluish light inside the car to indicate the dashboard light, that also could give a bit of contour.

  • Geminii23Geminii23 Posts: 1,322

    Ideally I want the look of teh Sun-sky-render but with the working lights.  So each render setting gives weird look like the dome-sky one shows this weird glow on the car itself.

    What is the best way to lower the strength of the lights?  Intesity or Lumen?

  • margravemargrave Posts: 1,822

    What effect would you like?

  • Lumin should lower the effects of the lighyt, but let me ask you — do you have Bloom on?

  • Geminii23Geminii23 Posts: 1,322

    Hi. So I need to revisit this lighting issue.  I am working on another scene and for some reason, I can not get any headlights to work.  I can only get the police lights to work in this scene, which I was even able to setup 3x sets of them in this scene.  But no matter which lights I try, I can't get the headlight spot effect like in the promo images.  I've tried the dual headlights, motor cycle light, rook lights.  Any ideas?


    Screenshot 2022-01-06 211321.png
    738 x 606 - 1M
    Screenshot 2022-01-06 211344.png
    608 x 471 - 337K
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