Daz clothes in Unreal engine?

I've been told that one sided geometry is only visible from one side in Unreal engine, and that seems to be the case when I look at the underside of a basic plane in UE5. The problem is that most of daz clothing looks to be one sided. I haven't imported anything yet but I'm worried that there will just be invisible geometry in my clothes, sticking out clear as day. I'm talking about things like hoods and collared shirts, where it's noticable and obvious. Is there any way to make the clothes technically two sided so that it will display properly inside and out?


  • As far as I know "one sided geometry" actually has more to do with how your materials are setup than the geometry itself, after all the vertices still exist on the other side, it's just that the material applied on the geometry can't be seen. You can turn on two-sided materials in the material editor.


  • Ethanreid123Ethanreid123 Posts: 23

    Ah, thanks a lot!

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