[Commercial] hi i made this jacket! please tell me what you think i want to sell it on Daz

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The patch on the back of her jacket will not be included causes i only put it on there for my own personal use! This is a copyright logo and i refuse to sell it without permission! Or use it for commercial use!

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    Great work. Looks very realistic. Can you also post a image with the front view?

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    Moved to Art Studio as it is not a Product Suggestion, commercial tag added.

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    Oh sorry Rich i am not familiar where things go! I will remembe that next time! Yeah the logo is removed i was just testing it out how it would look with a logo on the jacket! 

  • lasagnamanlasagnaman Posts: 942

    This was made a long time ago! 

  • lasagnamanlasagnaman Posts: 942

    Thanks so much for liking my jacket and yes i have to find it! and then i will send  you the pic! This was made a long time ago !

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    The jacket looks great! I think to sell it in the Daz3D store would take quite a bit of work, as you'd have to make sure that it's fully Daz3D store ready and follows G8F's morphs and has good JCMs (so there's no distortion when G8F lifts her arms for instance). I think it's a fantastic looking jacket! Excellent work! Getting it Daz3D store ready might take some work but might be worth it to become a PA and start selling 3D content. :)

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