Missing Files and problems adding new files to Product in DAZ Studio Content Management

Since the last update, I have had a lot of problems with Product files.   Many of my Products now have missing files.   Sometimes one,  sometimes more.  Re-installing the metadata doesn't change anything.   Re-installing the product doesn't always help.   There are missing files that don't even show up as orphans.  


  • WildlyfeWildlyfe Posts: 88

     Installing from DIM doesn't work.  The dsx support file seems ok, lists the assets, but they aren't showing up in the Product.  The problems don't seem to apply to all older files, even the same type.   Any ideas? 

  • NorthOf45NorthOf45 Posts: 4,105

    Are you having trouble loading? Errors about missing files? A recent update has been finding errors in the path used for some files in certain products (i.e., a double forward slash instead of a single, "//" vs "/"). Some have been updated, but there are probably some left to do. If that is the case for you, you can easily edit the .duf files to change the "//" to "/". Right-click on the file in Studio, and "Browse to File Location..." Let DAZ know which product and file is affected so that they can fix it for everyone else, in case they don't know about it yet.

  • AscaniaAscania Posts: 1,658

    Are you actually using the correct library folders?

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