I'm trying to create comic and have real issues with timeline:

- every new render/shot with new poses lights etc. -is next frame on timeline (not animate2 because sometimes I need to change morphs and had some issues with it);

- every frame need NEW KEYS for each figure FOR EACH BODYPART AND EACH PROPERTY DIAL for figure (excluding Hair, clothes etc) -to avoid total mismatch after 10 frames with different poses/properties;

- already discovered that CREATING new keys for ALL FIGUER'S CHILDREN take much more time, than creating separatly for: FIGURE PROPERTIES, HIPS children, .... (AND DIFFRENCE IS HUGE: 25sec to100sec);

- I often render many frames afterwards;


My main problems are:

- no visibility animation... (with workarounds like: 0% scale);

- no surface animation: usually it's Specular Roughness, or some map strength (for now I just render till that point);

- once every 10-20 frames I forget to place KEYS for figure's properties/bodyparts which leads to recreating frame... which takes time.


My question is:

Is there a better way to do that??? (produce sequence of images and render them. Don't get me wrong here -It's not an animation- it's: every frame different pose, camera, lights ETC.)

Or should I perfect my key creations further?



  • P.S.  ALT+CLICK on dial -resets dial for whole timeline -is there any other, FAST way to reset dials to default for current frame only?

    (already have my eyes on Dials Controls plugin)

  • This sounds like a hard way to render a sequence of images. I see what you're doing though.

    What if you didn't use the timeline for making your scenes? Instead, make individual scenes and save them. Continue working on the same scene and pose the next scene. Do this over and over until you have all your scenes ready for rendering. Get a plugin like render queue by ManFriday which you can tell which scenes to load and render.

    Perhaps this method might help you out instead of using the timeline.

  • PerttiAPerttiA Posts: 5,881

    I used to work like that on Poser, but when I moved to DS, I found out the same problem you did... Everything needed to be pinned for every scene, which lead to enormous (3GB's+) savefiles that took more than hour to open and save.
    In the end I started saving each frame as a scene of it's own

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