new to all thuings DAZ, thank you for your patience,

Downloaded Hexagon ( the latest- 2.52.2) using cart, install manager. 

Seemed fine, but when I select Send to Hexagon, I am given a prompte that it cannot locate Hexagon.

I can launch Hexagon from my desk top no problem.

Tried to uninstall Hexagon, it is not listed in my uninstall program options!

Obviously I have a messed up path. 

Any help will be appreciated!



  • When I click "open file location" from my desktop:

    Start>Programs>Daz3d>Hexagon 2

  • That's the location of the shortcut, not the application.

    Since you installed through Install manager you also need to uninstall that way - DIM does not use the operating system uninstall manager.

    What is the exact error pop-up?

  • Thank you so much for reply. I cannot find any way to uninstall except through DIM. Which I did. Then I reinstalled Hex thru

    DIM. Again, I wasn't asked for serial - which leads me to believe Hex was still on the system. Tried to send my character to Hex- same prompt about

    can't locate Hex. I've included two screen grabs. Again, I'm new to these softwares so limping along.

    Any help is much appreciated!




  • Got it! Followed the long path thru start menu forward!

    Thanks much fingers crossed going onward!

  • In D/S, edit > preferences ... sideways scroll for the bridges tab, you have to tell D/S where Hexagon is.

  • Having trouble linking Daz to Hexagon like I did before.

  • jkrimminger said:

    Having trouble linking Daz to Hexagon like I did before.


    Tell Daz Studio where the .exe is.

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