I bought a Mini PC

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You may recall last year I posted a message asking for opinions on mini-PCs. I bought a AceMagician Ryzen 7 model with 32GB of RAM. I will use the new mini-PC as my every day casual PC. (For browsing the web, reading Kindle books, comics, etc.) This computer will be more than adequate for my everyday needs. I really wanted something new, and something that didn't monopolize the shelving unit.

I've heard rumors of malware on the AceMagician mini-PCs. I've already setup a bootable USB install disc for a fresh Windows 11 install.

I will use my home-built multimedia PC  for multimedia, as I had originally planned. It will sit on a shelving unit under my 55" smart TV. The TV will be the monitor for the multimedia PC.

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  • BeeMKayBeeMKay Posts: 6,996

    Ah, not just rumours, unfortunately.

  • NylonGirlNylonGirl Posts: 1,550

    So when you reinstall Windows, you need to delete the restore partition and, I guess all the others, and then create one big partition to install Windows.

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    That net guy video was very informative.

  • Ron KnightsRon Knights Posts: 1,747

    I scanned for viruses and other nasty stuff. The computer was clean.

    The biggest complaint I have is the cheap connection ports. The Ethernet port does not click when the cable is inserted. I need to check the computer several times a day and reinsert the Ethernet cable.

  • JasmineSkunkJasmineSkunk Posts: 1,879

    Congratulations!!! I am doing something similar! I just got a new laptop today!! WooHOO!! Hooray for new computers! Woot! smiley

  • Ron KnightsRon Knights Posts: 1,747

    Congrats to you! Yeah I just love New Tech!laugh

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    I bought an i9 miniForums PC a few weeks ago for my TV and was blown away with it's performance yes


    so then I bought a Ryzen9 miniPC as well to put on my desk to play with... just waiting for it to turn up. smiley

  • Ron KnightsRon Knights Posts: 1,747

    Both of those computers sound good to me. Mine has a Ryzen 7 CPU. I love it.

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    It's only a matter of time before the virus infects the TV, light bulbs, and your Dutch oven.

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