Manage your items with Daz Connect

With Daz Connect, your Daz Studio Library is available with just a few clicks. The Smart Content pane lets you install, browse, and manage your content instantly without any other installers or pesky zip files. Just browse Smart Content, find your item and double click to install. That's it!

With Smart Content:

  • Choose ‘Products’ in Smart Content
  • Click on installed product. (double click to install)
  • Filter your content to expand your results contextually
  • Make sure you are on ‘Available’ content
  • Shop online inside Daz Studio

Note: If you don’t see your content, try turning off the "Filter By Context" option referenced in #4

Watch The Tutorial Below For Further Explanation

Daz Connect FAQ

No, you are not required to use Daz Connect services in Daz Studio.

Once you have installed Daz Studio, log in to your Daz 3D account from within Daz Studio and go to the Products page of the Smart Content pane or the Products section of the Content Library pane to see products. If this is your first time launching this version, you may need to wait for Daz Studio to finish migrating product data from the previous version and/or retrieving data from our servers. The product icons that are grayed out are available for you through Daz Connect. Double-click a product to install it. It is just that easy. Note: Some products, like plugins, are not yet supported by Daz Connect and will need to be installed through Daz Install Manager or manually.

New products, as well as a huge selection of older products, will be offered through Daz Connect right away, with more of the older products having Daz Connect support added in the future. Products that have been offered through non-Daz Connect methods will continue to be available through those methods as well as through Daz Connect. New products may begin to be offered through Daz Connect only. This will be determined on a product by product basis.

Yes, any previously installed products will continue to work. When you update to Daz Studio, all products that are compatible with Daz Connect will be highlighted. If you decide to install the products through Daz Connect by right-clicking and choosing “Install,” the upgraded version will be installed and will benefit from in-application update notifications from that point forward. If you decide not to upgrade a product, it will continue to function as before. Products not supported by Daz Connect will keep their previous functionality and must be updated through existing workflows, such as Daz Install Manager.

Products can be installed and used on an unlimited number of computers, but you can only be actively connected with a limited number of computers at the same time. In fact, using Daz Connect makes this easier than before, as any computer you log into will have access to your purchased products directly within Daz Studio. There is no need to carry around your installation files—simply login and download your products on any machine.

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