Daz to Photoshop bridge does not update after first im-/export

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The first shot went fine: Started the bridge in Studio, started the bridge in Photoshop, imported the textures, edited them and exported. Checked in iray render, there they are. Marvellous.

Now I edit the textures again, export them... no update. Enabled auto-update in the "bridge running..." window... nothing is being updated. Switched from prerender to texture view, back to iray prerender, nothing changed, still the textures from the 1st export. I don't think it's meant to be one shot only...

What's wrong?


edit: well, I noticed the textures are exported into the same folder with *1.jpg, *2.jpg etc and can be manually loaded. Furthermore the original texture is overwritten upon first save?!? So my originals are gone? Ok, I can get these back by reinstalling / take the one texture out of the zip. Strange.

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  • Can you let me know what set up you have there as i CANNOT get the bridge to work and havent for ages?

    Are you on a PC or a Mac and which operating system are your running?

    What version of Daz are you running?

    What version of Photoshop are you running?

    Final question, when installing the bridge from Daz where does it place the psdzbridge.plugin within the Photoshop folder structure?

    Thank you in advance for your help

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    Sorry, a bit late...

    PC, Win10, DAZ 4.14 Pro, PS 21.0.2.

    The plugins are in c:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop 2020\Plug-ins\

    I ran into the same probs and did not get it to work and finally gave in. Then I stumbled across this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ozddhhtAJE&t=20s

    gave it another try and it worked. Don't know why. Hope it helps!

  • hi arnon, thank you for your help. unfortunately i still cannot get it to work. i will wait on further help from support.

  • I am having the same issue after the first import and export it works but after that it stop updating so confused whats happening, any clues?

  • so from the video you have to reimport the image after each time you send it making layers useless so yeah the photoshop bridge is pretty dumb right now you are better off just opening the images in the program by hand and editing it there, you will have aleast better control over your corrections. 

  • cant find any work around that doesnt require to import a new file each time, only thing I was able to do was import all the textures and save them as PSD and manully attached them to each material input but that not work the time and effort.

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