The new daz studio: version 4.14

Latest Updates


  • Filament PBR renderer for the Viewport
  • Iray 2020.1.1 compatibility
  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 Series support
  • Major bug fixes to the animation timeline


The advanced Animation Timeline in Studio 4.14 lets you see changes in near real-time to work faster and finish scenes at an amazing new speed.

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Filament PBR
Viewport Renderer

Filament gives you high quality renders in a fraction of the time it takes other render engines, and works incredibly well for older systems and systems with lower CPUs/GPUs.

New Daz Studio

Introducing Daz Studio 4.14

This update to Daz Studio brings you the Filament PBR Renderer, a new viewport for Studio and render engine that makes your scenes look amazing at the speed. It also includes advancements to the Animation Timeline and Genesis 8 & 3 animation capabilities as well as enhanced Iray compatibility with support for the NVIDIA 3000 series cards.

Created in Filament

New Filament PBR Viewport and Render Engine

Studio 4.14’s Filament Viewport and Render Engine gives you high quality renders in a fraction of the time it takes other render engines, so you don’t have to wait all day to see the results of your 3D labor, even with older systems and systems that don’t quite have as many CPUs/GPUs.

  • Design in real time with incredible quality
  • Render with Viewport to speed up render time by 10x!
  • Real-time and high quality Animation
  • Advanced and continued support for Filament including Tutorials and specialized 3D Assets
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Advanced Animation Timeline

  • Updates and fine-tuning to Studio Animation capabilities
  • Ability to import Animations to Studio from Maya
  • Filament - Near real-time viewport to work faster & smarter

With the advanced Animation Timeline in Studio 4.14, we not only updated functionality to Studio’s animation capabilities but also made importing Animations to Daz possible with the updated Daz to Maya Bridge. Filament works in near real-time so you can see your characters come to life. With new Daz Animations and the Filament viewport, you get to see adjustments that you make to your scene in mere minutes instead of hours.

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Enhanced Iray Support

Studio 4.14 comes with all enhanced support for the Iray Render Engine. Ready for Iray version 2020.1.1, Studio 4.14 also includes support for the new GeForce RTX™ 30 Series GPUs, which allow for faster rendering and computing and enhanced realism. With Studio 4.14, you can keep on working in Studio and Iray at the highest speed available.

The newest version of Daz Studio gives you Filament, a powerful new viewport and render engine that makes quality renders fast, no matter the power of the system. This update to Studio also includes new support for Iray 2020.1.1 and the NVIDIA 3000 series cards, and an advanced Animation Timeline that’s more powerful than ever before.

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