any video tutts on python and carrara?

was wondering if there be video tutts on how to get started with python in carrara 8.5?

simple examples?

like how to loop through hidden morphs for a loaded selected figure and unhide them?




  • rk66rk66 Posts: 392

    Official, Python not works in Carrara.

    Some infos maybe here >

  • MistaraMistara Posts: 38,675

    TY smiley

    so python itself is the plugin.
    it's giving the folder as "C:\Program Files (x86, meaning 32-bit?

    link mentions using python to drive animations with midi files.  

    i've long thought of the sdk as making gui skins, menus and tabs.

  • rk66rk66 Posts: 392

    x86 = 32 bit, x64 = 64 bit.

    Not itself, see screenshot. It is from the manual.


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