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What is the liklihood of getting this phisically based open scource renderer as a plugin for carrara it is by amd as a direct competitor to Nvidias Iray it would be amazing to have

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  • It's a lot of work. I think it would be easier for someone who already has developed a link to an external renderer (very short list, Octane and luxrender) to start from an established basis. Another track is to develop a general purpose Python interface to take profit of the fact that most of external renderer have a python interface, thanks to products like blender. Just a thought, I don't have the time right now to start neither of the two.
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    You can use Luxus in Carrara already with Luxrender, I think one of the main coders works on both LuxRender and ProRender engines.



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    did you see this:

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    Yeah. Nvidias demo running a funny Star Wars clip needed 3 GPUs to run "realtime", the expensive pro cards costing a small fortune. So 2 more GPU gens or 3 years to get Unreal Studio to do realtime raytracing, at an affordable cost.
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    Looks like Cinema 4D R19 has ProRender integrated now. Not in the 1000$ Prime edition, but in the >1500$ editions. Don't forget the 300-500 dollar for one annual update.
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