Hexagon Bridge problem

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After install the new Hexagon and DAZ had troubles passing DAZ to Hexagon by their bridge. Something about is needed Hexagon 2.5.blablabla...

The Edit/Preferences/Bridges of DAZ is empty.

You search the Hexagon Bridge Path and put it again. Seems to accept, but at the moment of try appears the error again. You go to preferences and is empty again.

You search the correct path in Install manager and seems ok.

Ok, this is what is happening. The Install Manager is showing the relative path : \DAZ3D\Hexagon........ But there is a new change from others in this installation. Now Hexagon is in Programs, not in Programs ( x86 ).

Then put in DAZ the PATH Programs\DAZ3D\Hexagon instead of Programs (x86 )\DAZ3D\Hexagon, and then the brisge will go fine and is not erased from the DAZ preferences.


Only appoint that ( as ever ) with DAZ nothing is easy, always must happens something. But I am sure like other much people, I was waitting for years an upgrade of Hexagon.

For me Hexagon is not the main objetive for DAZ. But as developer from time to time you make a program that probably is not your main effort, but is a pearl for the users. For me Hexagon is a precious tool. Easy but powerfull. We will see if the stability problems in the most recent OS is corrected. I sincerely hope that.


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