Room Creator | Making 90 and 45-degree Wall???

Greetings all:

I purchased the "Room Creator" packages and have built a nice house, but I'm having problems where my walls meet. There is one 90-degree corner in the "Room Creator" package, but it's too long for my purposes and cannot be changed in scale without ruining the object. So . . . I need to make new corners.

I want to make a new 90 and a 45-degree corner.

I've exported the shortest wall (2.5) to Hex and have successfully divided it in two, but I don't know what to do next or if I'm even on the right track.

I need a seamless 90 and seamless 45, and the walls need to extend just a few "inches" from the corners, not feet as does the 90-degree corner provided in the package.

Can anyone help? I'd really appreciate it.


  • MaxHancockMaxHancock Posts: 226
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    Sounds like all you have to do is select and move the one edge from 90 degrees to 45.  To extend the shape, select one side and move it outward. 

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  • dmorsedmorse Posts: 3
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    There is a morph in the wall that will off-set it to make a 45-degree wall possible (or any other offset wall you might need...

    Morp Dial.jpg
    1058 x 703 - 93K
    Off-set Corner.png
    836 x 841 - 409K
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