What is happening with my tool?

Hey, new to hexagon and daz3d.

Look at the picture. It creates after-images when moved around. Is this intentional?  

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    Same as for anyone else who posted the same issue here before, turn off local redraw.

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    This is a bug that was introduced with the recent Hexagon beta versions.

    The option "Local redraw" is set to ON by default. It used to work properly and is intended to allow your display to redraw more quickly. It is now broken and must be disabled in the Preference Editor.

    This should be reported as a Bug through the Help Ticket system at:


  • Thanks guys, was driving me insane! 
    I tried searching but its not like I knew what to search for

  • Most of the problems (with the new Beta version) are being posted here - https://www.daz3d.com/forums/discussion/256961/hexagon-beta-version-2-5-2-137-updated

    I agree, it is not easy to find an aswer to your problems sometimes.

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    "I agree, it is not easy to find an aswer to your problems sometimes."

    Oddly, that like the gutter issue, hasn't improved in 13 years.

    Select the arrows and click and the focus moves one item.
    Select the arrows, click and hold the button and nothing happens.
    Drag the bar down midway and delete the item. Then the whole menue resets to the top so you have to repeat this procedure all over again adding the frustration of finding the next item again. Why does the menue need to refresh you might ask? Why does no one stop the refresh? Because unfortunately, Bobby died back in 2008 (see associated news post) along with Hexagon developement.

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    Could some one sticky this or make a huge headline at the top of this forum stating this fix please?!

  • Agree, this needs to be a sticky.


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