Deleting Textures & Materials

Why was it deemed necessary to go through each and every one of the 40, 60 or 80 textures you create in your models one at a time to delete them?

Did it really not occure to anyone that being able to highlite the items you want to delete would be at least helpful?


  • AscaniaAscania Posts: 1,840

    With materials extending over several objects and multiple materials per object, no.

  • JonnyRayJonnyRay Posts: 1,744

    That might be something that's easier to do by exporting the file to an OBJ and using another tool to remove the materials, then re-import. But you'll also probalby lose the grouping of the sub-items, etc. It is an area where Hexagon could benefit from a scripting / customization API option.

  • Not sure coz I have not tried it (my PC is on a go slow at the moment) but would it be posible to group all the objects in the scene, give them a new material save the HXN file and load it back in again. Not sure what would happen to the Shading Domains, you'd probably have to delete them one at a time.

    You could add a Feature Request and see if the techy's could do something about it in a future build.

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