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Hey there! so, I'm opening one of these for myself...

I've decided that I should do more "quick" renders. My tendency is to fiddle around with a scene forever, keep adding and adjusting stuff, try to be clever about it, etc... currently, I'm working on a series that's supposed to tell a story. It's fun but it's very slow going.

I think it'd be good for me to do more simple scenes as well. Portraits and pin-up's with little to no background or context. Sometimes I just don't feel like working on my main project. Maybe I just want to try out a freebie that I recently acquired. Maybe I just want to do something experimental. That kind of thing.

Feedback is welcome! Especially the constructive kind!


To start things off, this is Salem, whom I recently picked up for next to nothing by stacking a coupon on a discount. I kinda love her; I don't like it that much when characters get too photorealistic and she hits that sweet spot between realistic and cartoony. Also using Mardi Gras, which is a current freebie, as well as a few former freebies and heavily discounted items. The boots here are the only thing I payed anything close to full price for. (I like to be thifty!)

Gallery link

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