Symmetry to imported obj file - Hexagon hangs up

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Hello, dear community,

I have a big problem: I´m new to Hexagon and want to create some clothes for my avatar. I sculpted my avatar in Sculptris and imported it to Hexagon. Now when I try to add symmetry to my avatar, which is an .obj file ofcourse, Hexagon hangs up and I can't work. I think that when I add a cube and create some clothes, the clothes should be exactly in the middle of the x axis of my avatar, shouldn't it`? When I add symmetry to a cube it works fine. For info: I use Windows 10. On my hard disc, there are 302 gb left of 451 gb. What should I do?

Edit: Seems like Hexagon likes hanging up on my PC at least. Maybe because I left my PC on over night often? However, adding symmetry works, even when I have selected an obj file. But I have to be patient.

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    Are you using Hexagon beta (64 bit)?

    Hard to tell if the problems is with Symmetry or the size of your mesh. Try the beta if you have not already.

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    My first thought was that the Sulptris mesh may be very dense or (worse for Hexagon) triangles instead of quads?

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