New to Hexagon, can you send to a 3d printer?

Hi, i have been using Daz3d for awhile now, but i want to build a model of  house and i will need to 3d print it.

Is hexagon a good choice for this?  whats the learning curve like for someone who uses daz studio?

And is the output easy to import to  a 3d printer? Thanks!


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    Richard Gross (a member of FaceBook's Hexagon Modelers Group) posted this video of one of his creations - 

    So it is possible.

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    The real challenge is in understanding how to create a model that is 3D printable, or find and eliminate problems in geometry that prevent it from being printable.

    The advantage of starting a model from scratch is that you have control of how the geometry is created.

    There are also requirements specific to the 3D printer and material, such as minumum printable wall thickness, smallest detail size, print density/fill. For processes that do not allow for changing density, other ways to save material may be needed, such as shelling (thickening).

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    Hi, my local library has 3d printers and allows members to use them after taking a course.  I would like to know if projects created in hexagon are compatible, the library site states:

    Our 3D Printing workstations are loaded with the following design software:
    Rhino 6
    Sketchup Pro

    Can hexagon projects be exported to any of  these platforms?


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    Yes, Hexagon can save STL and OBJ files as well as a few other common mesh formats that can be read by the applications you listed.

    You will need to confim the dimensions of the exported file to be sure you have the units set properly in Hexagon. There are scene units as well as export units and these can be set independently.

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