Missing UV at Export .obj and Import in Adobe Dimension or Photoshop CC

When I create just a cone in Hexagon (Version in Mac OS 10.14.5), export this object as .obj and import it in Adobe Dimension 2.2.1, I will get an error but no import. When I oben the file "cone.obj" in Adobe Photoshop CC 2019, I will get a hint of the problem. It says "The UUs on this 3D scene are missiong or invalid …".

I found three ways to solve my problem:

1. in Hexagone create a material with a .png-Image, set it on the cone and than delete the material again. Exporting this file, Dimension will open it without error.

2. In Hexagone use the Tools -> UV & Paint -> Cylindric Projection on the cone. Exporting this file, Dimension will open it without error.

3. In Photoshop open the cone.obj-File, use 3D -> Generates UVs, exporting it as .obj-file with a new name, and import it in Dimension without error.


Are there any other users in here, who uses HEX as a modeller for Adobe Dimension? What are your experiences?


  • AscaniaAscania Posts: 1,840

    So? Unless you explicitly (or implicitly by assigning it a texture material) UV map it the object will have NO UVs. That is completely normal.

  • cg4ucg4u Posts: 3

    The problem is solved by the new version of Adobe Dimension 2.3. It will import an objekt also without UV-information like the Photoshop do.

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