How to get Morph data?

Hi everyone, I've been making progress, but I'm stuck again. I'm successfully exporting vertex/face data because I can dump the received objects in obj format and they seem to look right. But the morhphs are ignored and I'm getting the base G8 character.

I'm using this to get to the geometry (error checking removed):

auto object = node-&gt;getObject();<br /> auto shape = object-&gt;getCurrentShape();<br /> auto geometry = shape-&gt;getGeometry();<br /> auto facetMesh = dynamic_cast&lt;DzFacetMesh *&gt;(geometry);

Is there a call that returns the baked geometry as it is rendered? Please tell me that I don't have to apply all morphs myself :)




  • I am going to try


    when I get home...

  • That was it. This code works perfectly:

    auto object = node->getObject();
    if (!object) continue;
    auto geometry = object->getCachedGeom();
    if (!geometry) continue;
    auto facetMesh = dynamic_cast<DzFacetMesh *>(geometry);
    if (!facetMesh) continue;
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