Why does Hexagon ask for my activation key every time I log on?

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I recently bought a new computer, then upgraded Windows 8 to 8.1, but then was dissatisfied and reinstalled Win7UE from disk. I then reinstalled all applications I use without issue except for Hexagon. For some reason within the last few days [I have been running the DIM updates so there could have been some conflict but since I am updating hundreds of files I cannot honestly say I paid much attention] Hexagon unregistered itself and now when I open Hex the program validation splash opens and won't let me proceed.

This is not a deal breaker issue, since I just login at Daz3d.com and go to my serials and reenter the activation key and it works fine afterward. It is just a minor inconvenience and I was wondering if anyone ever had that issue before, and if they knew a work around. Again, it isn't a big deal and honestly I can cope living with the problem but would prefer to fix it without reinstalling and reconfiguring everything again.

Thanks in advance and I am happy with the support here at Daz and the wonderful community here. Happy holidays everyone!


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    Try running it as Administrator to input the serial -- it's probably Windows preventing a program from tampering with an area that requires Admin rights.

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    Thank you so much!

    First and foremost - [self-facepalm] - I can't believe that I didn't think of that! But thanks it worked, forgot I didn't have UAC disabled yet.

  • If you install hexagon to a location that requires admin rights, it won't open properly from DAZ.  Even running DAZ as admin didn't help me.  I installed Hex to another area, then everything worked out fine.  I'm probably going to start moving much of my data (libraries and all) to some external drives.  My internals are filling up.  But what I have been trying to get working is HEX.  There are some people who have been asking me for models that resemble them, and they've given me some photos to work with.  Generally speaking, the base model in hex can work, however, I'd much prefer to use a model from DAZ or Unity, and just create a morph.  I had to get this working.  Now...

    You might get away with turning off UAC, but I've never found that to be ok.  As soon as I do it, Blam!! Virus.  The way I get around it: I have usb3.1 drives and hubs with SSD and HDD.  I use HDD to store a working copy of files, and SSD to store useable files so I don't lose them.  Basically, that means I just clone one to the other, SSD to HDD, and the HDD is a temporary backup.  I plug the HDD's into a smarthub (basically a more expensive hub), which spins them up, once a month to keep the motor ametized.  I use small SSD's for everything else, and take them with me.  I can basically carry a mainframe with me wherever I go.  For smaller apps that don't need much space, or customizable installs, it works great.  For mainstream programs that rely too much on dedicated pathways, it's internal or nothing., so I save space, and keep a functional machine with me all the time.  Ive got 4 sets: 2d art, 3d capable, games, repair and maintenance.  I'll be adding more when I can afford the drives: DAZ libs, Poser Libs, Intermediary apps and Plugins.

  • how can i get the key? i brought it but i can't find the key.

  • how can i get the key? i brought it but i can't find the key.

    It should be on this page https://www.daz3d.com/downloader/customer/serialnumbers

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