Lasso select randomly not working in UV editor?

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Difficult to explain this one, but I'll try :p

So, I'm practicing with the UV mapping in Hexagon, and am doing a manual unwrap. I want to rescale and reposition the UV "islands" in the UV grid so I'm using more of it, there's more texture space, etc. Problem is, it seems like Hexagon will randomly let me use lasso select in the editor (right-click dragging), and then other times not; I try to drag out a selection and nothing happens. I can't figure out why that is. 

Is there some specific thing I'm supposed to be doing to make that work? Is it a quirk in the UV editor, etc?

Edit: Of course, after messing with it for 10 minutes and not figuring it out, I figured it out literally seconds after posting this. Go figure. I wasn't in the right mode in the editor. Oy. lol.. Well there you go.


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