Morph creation tutorials?

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I'd like to try creating a morph for the Daz Housecat to look more like a bobcat, but I'm not even sure how to start.

Wouldn't have to be Hexagon specific. I've had good luck watching videos for Blender or something else and adapting. It's more the concepts of creating it, loading it back into Studio as a morph, etc.

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  • Here's one. This is how it can be done within DAZ Studio, good to watch because he shows you how to add the finishing touches -

    This is very simple but it shows you where to begin the process in Hexagon - 

    Good luck with your bobcat project :)

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    Thanks, John! I'll take a look at those and will share my progress on the idea. :)

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    Actually that second video gave me an idea. A lot of morphing a housecat into a bobcat is changing some basic proportions. I may have been overthinking it by thinking I needed to model or sculpt the changes. Studio dforms (especially the weight mapped version) may be all I need.
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    Strike that idea. cheeky

    I spent an hour trying to get weightmapped dforms to do what I wanted them to do. Then I used the Studio-Hexagon bridge. And created the ear morphs in about 15 minutes. The first video John shared did save me from a few mistakes along the way though. Like remembering to save the morph asset after I created it.

    Quick test render of the Bobcat Ears morph. Just using the tabby texture right now, that will be another challenge. surprise

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    Had a little "oops" moment working on the face. I reloaded the same Studio project where I'd worked on the ears and was playing around a bit with the built-in morphs for the Daz Housecat to see how much I'd need to change in Hexagon. I sent it over the bridge, made my changes, and sent it back, spawning a new morph.

    The problem is that since I had modified the geometry from the default base shape, when it created the morph, it included ALL of the changes in the new morph. So dialing up my Bobcat Head morph actually doubled all of the changes. It was getting late at night; so I decided not to try again, will continue the project later this week.

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    Here is a comment link that starts a series of posts detailing morph creation for G3M for limb proportion changes and similar changes that require realignig the skeleton rig. Have to scroll down to get to the realigning section.

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