trouble using Hexagon to break apart model

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I have been trying to print this dragon figure but every time it runs into trouble with the wings.  Had the idea to separate the wings from the body to print them separately and glue them together later.  I'm trying to use the square selection method to mass grab the wings but I can't seem to get it to work.  How do I manage?

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    I'll suggest you move this post down to the Hexagon Forum where the modelers mostly hang out. ( You can move a thread by editing the original post and choosing a different forum for it. )

    I'll warn you we're likely going to want to see some screenshots of what you're attempting and the results you're getting to be able to help. There are some "tricks" to Hexagon selections using lassos, turning on and off the backface culling, etc. that might help, but we'll need to see more of the model you're working with and what you're trying to accomplish to help more.

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    JonnyRay is right about the screen grabs, it alway easier to picture things.

    What I think you will have to do is to CTRL&X then CTRL&V to cut and paste the wing. When you have the dagaon body and 2 wings, save the file as a HXN file, delete the parts in turn and save as OBJ(s) so you have Body.obj, Left wing.obj and Right Wing.obj

    You will probably have to fill the holes before saving.

    I'll have more time the weekend, If no-one else jumps in to help out by then I'll do a quick "how to" for you.

    Click on thumbnail for larger image.

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  • I'm only guessing you will need to fill in the holes left after cutting the wings off (not sure as I have not got a 3D printer), Here I am just using a 20 point circle as an example.

    Check out Max's Hexagon tutorials -

    If you join Hexagon Modelers on Facebook you'll find some other Hex/3D modelers who can help -

    close circle.jpg
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