I found a great tutorial on how to create a simple room, but...

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HI everyone,

I recently found a great simple tutorial on creating a simple room with hexagon, complete with windows. But now how can I create the windows? I don't really want to have to model everything to do with the windows like frames, glass etc. How can I get a window into the window slots? Must I model everything? And if so, would someone please create a quick, simple tutorial on how to create a window in Hexagon. This is all that I need to be able to create a complete set as I am getting involved in visual novels and need sets. I would love to use Hexagon as it is simple to get the assets into Daz. Thank you so much for helping this noob!

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    How can I get a window into the window slots? Must I model everything?

    Well... you kinda do. Depending on how much detail you want. You might be able to find window models to download (Google "3d window model"). But I find that much less satisfying than modeling my own.

    When I needed a window for this scene, I first googled "double sash window" to get the general idea of how it should look, since I don't have any of this type of window in my home to use for reference. (Having the actual physical object that you want to model helps immensely.)

    Then I googled information on how to build them, and started modeling the various pieces that I would need to assemble into a window.

    I probably ended up with more geometry than necessary to represent a window, but I can open and close the upper and lower sections as needed, and it has enough detail for close-ups.

    I spent a lot of time doing this, so I won't say it was easy. It's mostly just a lot of rectangles though. The latches were a little tricky as I recall.

    This probably doesn't help you too much, but it describes the process I use to create objects.


  • I'm with de3an, I find it much more satisfying modelling things myself. What I have is a "starter folder" where I store things like windows and doors (nothing is smoothed so they are easy to adapt). 

    Have you got a link to the tutorial, others here might find it useful.

    Very nice room de3an, love the texture work.

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    Very nice room de3an, love the texture work.


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    Thanks guys!

    Here's the window model in Hexagon format if anyone wants to play with it. (You'll have to unzip the file first.)

    window assembly-grouped.hxn.zip
  • Thank you all for your kind responses. Yes, if it takes a bit more work, then that is what it is. Nothing wrong with learning. Again thank you all for the examples and for the window hexagon model. Have an awesome day yall


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