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Have an object like a bowl that is bigger than the objects within it.  Can't find a list of objects in my file.  How do I select the inner objects?  I tried selecting the larger object, going to attributes, and hiding.  Not only can I not select the inner objects, I can't select the currently hidden object to unhide it.

Missing something very basic.

basic stuff my trouble selecting now object hidden and cant seelct to unhide.JPG
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  • S RayS Ray Posts: 301

    Hidden on the attributes menu only hides the object when rendering. There's a few ways to select objects. 1. Use the object selection found at the bottom of the window, for selecting imported mesh clicking the arrow symbol will  bring up a menu for selecting meshes. 2 Hold pointer over the object hold ctrl key & right click, will bring up a menu of all the objects in the area where you clicked. Select from the menu. If you want to select multiple object hold the Shift key when selecting the next object, this works using both methods. When objects are selected you can go to solo mode to hide all the unselected objects.

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  • StuartBStuartB Posts: 596

    Just keep tapping Tab key, it highlights every object 1 at a time.

  • DiomedeDiomede Posts: 12,495

    Thanks to each of you.  Exactly what I need.

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