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Haven't used the program in many years.  I had purchased ver 7 and the pro upgrade.  After installing the base program, I installed BryceContent_7.0.0.21_Win followed by BryceProContent_7.0.0.19_Win.  I don't see any difference from one to the other, at least at first glance.  Not sure what I may be missing.  First, is this what I should have as far as object categories, or should there be more?  It seems a bit sparce to me, especially for tree presets.  Could someone explain what the differences are between these 2 content installers, what each contains?  Thanks.

Bryce Object Library SS1.jpg
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  • HoroHoro Posts: 8,201

    krickers - what you show is from the main Bryce installer. adds the Pro Materials (in Presets\Materials) adds a lot:
    - Content: Models and Textures (both legacy)
    - HDRI: DAZ\Installed and \Horo Wernli (5 sub-folders)
    - Lens Flares: \Clay Hagebush
    - Light Gels: \DAZ
    - Scene Files: \David Brinnen \David Brinnen and Horo Wernli \HDRI Samples
    - Tutorials: \Horo Wernli \Jen De La Cruz \Manual Tutorial \Peter Sharpe

    Have a look into the main folder where you installed Bryce. You may also want to have a look at this PDF:

  • krickerdkrickerd Posts: 160

    Okay thanks.

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