Error importing Illustrator 3 files

Is the AI import function broken? Anybody else having this problem?

Using the latest Public Build BETA,



  • de3ande3an Posts: 915

    Just tested it. Seems to work. However, the Illustrator file must be save as Illustrator version 8 or lower.

  • BagboyBagboy Posts: 170

    Thanks for testing it out!  Are you using the latest BETA?

    Illustrator 8? I tried everything down from 8, but still no go for me. 

    I wonder what is going on?  I always used this to great effect.  In fact, it's one of the most useful of features for me.

    But now, suddenly, errors! sad


  • de3ande3an Posts: 915

    I'm using Hexagon (the so called beta) and Illustrator CS6.

    In Illustrator I saved a test file as version 3, 8, 10. and cs6. Only the version 3 and 8 would open in Hexagon.

  • BagboyBagboy Posts: 170

    Okay! That worked. Using Illustrator CC to do the conversion.

    You see, in the past I was able to use an old Freehand 9 program to export to an Illustrator 3 file format, and it opened just fine in Hexagon. I've done this for years. Well, with the older versions of Hexagon, I guess.  This is the first time I've tried it in the newer BETA releases.

    Something changed apparently and the Freehand 9 exports-to-version-3 AI no longer work. Unless there is something else going on.

    Thanks for taking the time to try this out for me! It's vexed me for the past few days.

  • de3ande3an Posts: 915

    Glad to help.

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