Geometry Object IDs Don't Save on Regular Save operation

Hi all, I am using Hexagon V

I am just noticing that after changing the name of 52 pieces of geometry in the scene tab/tree that were clones that the names don't save after a save file operation. I have to do Save As to actually get the names changes to stick. That's annoying because of the sheer amount of name changes I had to do. I thought because it was a set of cloned objects that caused this but I made sure to unclone each of the items before attempting this or else all the clones mirror the name of the object that was changed. Apparently doing a Save as makes it ok though.

I discovered this after changing the names of 48 items and doing a regular 'save' then reopening the saved file and the changes weren't kept. Argh, it was like writing a term paper and a power outtage wipes out 2 hours of work.

Then, I experimented with changing 10 names of the objects and doing a Save As operation and saving it to its original name to overwrite it. That's when I saw that the name changes were saved when I reopened the overwritten file.

Anyone experience this too? Thanks...


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    This also happens in version

    It appears that Hexagon doesn't recognize an object name change as an actual change in the file, so it doesn't actually save anything when you perform a Save. The time stamp on the Hexagon file doesn't even change, indicating that no Save actually occurred.

    You can tell when Hexagon thinks changes have been made by the asterisk it places after the file name in the lower left corner of the screen. After a save is made, the asterisk is cleared until another savable change is made to the file. You can force a save by toggling the visibility of a single object. The asterisk will appear letting you know that the save operation will be effective.

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  • Yeah I noticed another oddity, when i do a sort on the names of the objects the asterisk would become visible and I do a save and it captures the new state of the fil. I think it's strange that the save function won't work with changed names but a 'Save As' will capture the change without having to sort the list or hide objects etc. One would think that after changing the name of an ID and hitting that enter key would change the state of the file to make the asterisk appear but it seems I have to force some kind of other file state change to force Hexagon to recognize the new names of objects,,,

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    This also happens in version

    Oh I didn't know there's an updated version from what I have, I will have to chek it out...

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