disabling the sky and ground in bryce 7.1 pro question

Hi, I used to know this but it's been a while since i used bryce and it wasn't this version. 


I need to render some objects in bryce and I need NOT have teh sky and ground render behind them. And I need to be able to export the renders as .png files with transparent backgrounds.

Any help is appreciated.


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    Crystalwizard - In the main GUI, click on Sky & Fog on top, then click on the down arrow below the leftmost thumbnail and select Atmosphere Off and set the colour to black. Click on the cloud to enter the Sky Lab and check that everything is off. You will get a black render. You'll need a light.

    Render and File > Export Image, you can select the type. PNG is there but I doubt that transparency will work. If not, select the object and render Object Mask. This gives a black object on a white background. Export this render as well and use it in a graphics application to add the transparency to your first saved image.

    And the ground plane: just select it and set it to Hidden or delete it.

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    also along with Horo's remark

    2BRYC_BKGRD 1.png
    951 x 575 - 71K
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  • thank you so much, guys. really appreciate it.


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    + You're very welcome _yes

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