Location of bump files in Bryce.

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I've been using Bryce for a few three years and I'm still not certain where the files for the bump effect are located. Can anyone point this lost soul in the right direction?

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    There are no files for the bump effect. A texture can have Diffuse, Bump and Alpha. So when you use a texture, go into the DTE and see whether B (bump) is activated. For a picture texture, you can use the picture for bump but it is not very strong. We experimented some time ago to use a normal map (generated from a picture in an other program) but even then, the bump effect is not actually satisfying. However, with textures it works great.

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    Ahh. Thank you, that clears things up. So I'm thinking that I can create a folder for bump files and then refine that process as time goes by. Sound workable? 

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    You got to try it to see if it's workable for you. It may.

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