Parameter tab for figure or actor

Does anybody knows how to access the time based data for the controls in the parameter tab of figures or actor?

Classical recursive exploration via group stops just at a miscellaneous data parameter (nothing below).

Parameter type is 'dtaL' and I can't find any reference for this type in the SDK.


  • I tried to hack into that and couldn't figure it out in the parameter tab, only the easy to get at ones in the timeline.  I can't remember offhand if I was able to get a parameter pointer in which case it could be cast to a large enough buffer and then check the contents against the expected parameters.  Always worth taking another look at it.  The structures and changes that came with Carrara 8.5 were not updated in the SDK.

  • I was afraid of that.

    As I need only to write on it and not read it, I'll try to generate an animated pose DUF file and inport it on the figure.We'll se...

  • It works this way.

    It was a bit touchy because the JSON parser used in Carrara isn't a proper JSON parser. It was coughing on things a proper parser doesn't (like the order of properties in an object).

    As an added benefit, animations created by this plugin would be compatible with Studio (if I ever finish it smiley).

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