Slowing down a Bryce animation?

First post here by the way.

Ok Ive figured out how to animate kinda. Ive got an animation that I want to do of a pirate ship going from far left to closer right.All of the test animations Ive done with a cube go way too fast accros the screne. The only way that Ive got it to slow down was maketo  the aninimation waaaay longer than I want or need.Not to mention the wasted time and resourses it will take to render the excess frames.Its a 30 sec animation.Is the speed of the final rendered animation time correct or will it go the speed in Bryces wire frame view.Any info on the matter would be appreiciated.



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    _interesting subject _

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    ptwcaw - welcome to this forum. I really do hope an "animator" will pop in here to help you. I'm not in animation and cannot help you.

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    It is unclear what you mean and what excess frames you are talking about.

    A 30 second animation at 30fps takes 900 frames. There are no excess frames. If you drop frames you are going to move faster. Less frames means either shorter animation or having to run it at a lower frame rate. That is how animation works.

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    Ok Ill try to be a bit more specific as to what I did.

    If I put 30 sec 30 fps 900 frames in the animation setup drop down menu  in bryce then hit play(button on lower right of Bryce main screen), the cube that I am attempting to move at a percieved 10-15 mph  in the animation goes warp speed across the screen from  point A to point B.That is while viewing in the wire frame mode in Bryce.If I set it say for 2 min at 30fps 3600 frames in the animation setup drop down menu then push play the box takes a lot longer to go across the screen at a way closer speed to what I want.Boat stops at point B and animation is stll running rendering useless to me images but cube is going approx the right speed when it was moving.These are the excess frames.

    So if I put 30sec animation at 120fps with 3600 frames the box will slow dn to a way slower speed?Sorry I know virtually nothing about animation.

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    Welp kinda figured it out..Even managed to animate the clouds real slow.Still not 100 % sure but its not warp speed..2 steps forward.Still need to animate the terrain and the water the box is navigating.! step at  a time..

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    Animating in Bryce takes a lot of practice. So I'll just give you this tip for animating object movement. You can render a wireframe animation by holding the shift key when checking out of the Render Animation option. If you get lucky Bryce will play out the wireframe animation on the screen as it's rendering. If you get a roundy round just let it sit for about a minute, the animation will finish rendering even though Bryce looks like it froze. When the animation is complete, it should pop up in your set default player.  There will be a file where ever you set the location to be saved. This wireframe animation will give you a better idea what your speed and movement will look like.

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    Thx for the tip.. I appreciate it a lot.


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    If you have a simple start-point -> end-point animation with only a couple of key-frames within your 900 expected frames, (e.g. a key frame at 0 and a keyframe at 899), you can 'cut' (grab) the end-point keyframe and extend the animation time-frame to something like 1800 and 'paste' that keframe at 1799, and only render the first 900, for a 'half-speed' effect, but it will only get halfway there, but it will move more slowly, etc.

    If you want the start/end to be as they are over the given time, then there really isn't a fix, because moving distance X in time Y implies a certain distance-per-frame (physics).

    To be slightly scientific, if you have a ship that is say 150ft long, then you can temporarily put a fixed item in the scene (in the vehicle's path), and get a rough idea how much of the boat moves past the temp item (e.g. a simple sphere primitive) per 30-frames (second). Then figure out how much of the ship should move past the item in the 30 seconds, and adjust your start/end points from there. (then delete the sphere when you get it right.)

    You can also adjust the speed of your resulting sequence in your video editor - note that going faster is easier than going slower, because going slower implies doubling frames (may get choppy), or interpolating between frames (higher-end video feature that sometimes distorts things). It can work if the scene lends itself to it.

    Lastly, just bringing your start/end points closer in the same time period actually does the trick, and you might be able to play with the camera viewing angles (location and wide/narrow field-of-view) to get that sense of mass and momentum you're wanting.

    Good luck, ask any more questions that occur to you, and show us what you come up with - everyone likes to see the magic!




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