Voting Help for a Carrara Side Challenge?

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Hey folks,

We had a Creature Feature, Double Dog Dare side challenge in the Carrara forum.  This was not sponsored by Daz, we just decided to have some fun.  About half way through it turned into a Xerr fest (this is an older monster figure in Poser format that many of us thought is cute in a creepy way).  If you could vote, it would be appreciated.  Unlike other Carrara challenges, voting in this one is confidential.


Full disclosure, we got carried away.  Xerr showed up on top of buildings, in forests, under water, with spacemen,...  Ended up with 90 entries, many not with Xerr.  If you make the time to vote, you will be asked to pick 5 and rank them confidentially in survey monkey, and say you voted in the thread so we can check the number of votes against the number of voters.

entries are here

link to voting survey monkey is here



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