Synchronous subdivision update?

Is there any way to apply a figure's subdivision synchronously?   Whenever a pose is changed the figure's base geometry updates synchronously, but if subdivision is enabled it doesn't get applied until some indeterminate later time.     I need to drive a series of renders in subd resolution renders, and I'm finding that the renders only capture the base mesh resolution due to this issue.


I've tried calling DzObject.finalize(), but it causes the script to never return.    DzObject.forceCacheUpdate() only produces the base geometry.





  • I'm not at my Daz workstation to check, but I wonder if there is a similar setting under Mesh Resolution, like there is under Smoothing Modifier. Under Smoothing Modifier, there's an option "Interactive Update" that you can turn on to make the modifier apply synchronously, i.e. block until it is done. I kept looking in vain for a direct function to solve the problem of waiting for the modifier to finish, but there isn't one, at least one that is documented; it's in a Property. Maybe the same thing for SubD?

  • Draw Settings has an ption for Subdivision Updates, though I'm not sure that is relevant.

  • cwgantcwgant Posts: 16

    Actually, it's relevant to something I'm currently involved with! laugh Can you change that setting with script? "subDDrawStyle" is the parameter name? If so, how?


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