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When I try to create a new project using the DAZ type in Visual Studio 2010, I just get an error that it could not open it. Is there a tutorial that I need to look at to get that to work? Is there a compatibility issue with VS2010? I don't know much about VS2010, and couldn't find any logs that shed light on to what the error was. I've tried uninstalling/reinstalling both VS and the SDK several times.


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    DAZ Studio 4.x is built using Visual Studio 2010 Professional on the Windows side, Xcode 3.2.6 with GCC 4.2 on OSX. The internally built plugins are built using the same environments, with the same SDKs we distribute. The 4.5 SDK RC is currently provided as a zip, sans installer and sans project wizard - though there are several samples you could start from (which is what we typically do); more than were in previous SDKs. Information relating to "Compiling on Windows" (or "Compiling on Apple OSX") and/or the Architecture Overview (which includes information on the plugin architecture) is linked from the main page (./sdk/docs/index.html) of the SDK documentation.

    The fact that you are mentioning a project wizard not working for you, and given that we don't provide one for the 4.x SDKs, suggests to me that you are attempting to use/asking about the 3.x SDK? You are aware that they are not the same thing? You are also aware that plugins compiled against 3.x will not load in 4.x? Or for that matter, while much of the source is still usable, there have been some significant changes in the API between the versions, and even 4.0.3.x plugins will not load in 4.5.x without first being recompiled? We are in the process of trying to freeze the 4.5 SDK (the 4.0.3.x SDK has been frozen for a while, but is also limited release to previous plugin developers), so 3rd party developers can finally release the plugins they have worked on, but we are obviously not there at the moment (hence the RCs).

    DAZ Studio 3.x was built with earlier versions of the same environments, as were its plugins. The project wizard that was part of the DAZ Studio 3.x SDK installer for Windows, was built for an earlier version of Visual Studio (2005 if I recall correctly - I don't have it on my home machine to check for certainty). That wizard is not compatible with the newer versions of the development environment (which I suspect is what you've encountered) . The way in which wizards are built and work in the newer environments has changed over the years/versions. Again, I don't have the source here to check, but I'd be surprised if DAZ Studio 3 would even build under Visual Studio 2010 without a bit of work.


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    D'Oh! Yes I do have version 3 of the SDK installed. Thanks for catching that.

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