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Just a quick note to make sure everyone is in good health.

Over here in the UK we are being grounded for 3 months.

Look after yourselves and do't go out unless you really have to  - John 

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  • So far :-)

    All save essential services are closed and we're supposed to stay at home save for trips to those essential businesses [i.e. grocery stores].


  • RoygeeRoygee Posts: 2,247

    Hi all :}

    Just popping in to wish you all well over the lockdown.  I'm trying to use my time constructively going through a lot of PS tuts to improve my photographic output.




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    I'm not on mandatory lockdown here yet, but it's getting mighty serious in my location. I've been in self-isolation mode fro a month now. It may never go back to normal until there is a feasible remedy.  At this time, securing work has become more important than tutorials, unfortunately. 

    Stay safe friends!  

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