Double trouble with Bryce 7 pro

Good morning to everybody.
Before starting I would like to point out that I do not speak English, so I am using google translator to write to you.
Well, my situation is as follows.
Today thanks to discounts I bought Bryce 7 pro at a very cheap price (since I bought it together with carrara 8.5 pro), and the first thing I did was test the bridge from bryce to daz and vice versa. Here is where the first problem appears, the bridge between both programs does not work, it only opens both programs but the scene appears empty, as if nothing had been sent (I selected what I wanted to send from one program to another). I heard that this happens to people who never had daz Studio 3 (as in my case). How can i fix it?

My second problem has nothing to do with the previous one. One of the reasons for acquiring bryce 7 pro was for this:

The problem is that I get this in the Daz IDM when it tries to install that asset: (see attached image).
Should I just put the directory where Bryce is installed or what directory should it be?

I await your responses.

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  • HoroHoro Posts: 8,201

    ChrisSerket - nothing Bryce or Carrara can be installed via DIM, because this is the Daz-studio Install Manager. Always download the ZIP manually and unpack it into a temporary folder. Then start the installer for Bryce, it can be installed on any drive and folder you wish. The same for Bryce content. Download Golden Lighting ZIP manually and unpack it into another temporary folder. You will find a text file that explains in what folders the files belong.

  • ChrisSerketChrisSerket Posts: 202

    I understand, thank you very much.
    And on the bridge between Bryce and Daz, is there any solution?

  • HoroHoro Posts: 8,201

    You are welcome. Yes, but I really do not remember whether Bryce or Studio must to be installed first. If you have Studio already installed, and now install Bryce but the Bridge does not work, try to reinstall Studio.

  • ChrisSerketChrisSerket Posts: 202

    Thanks, I just did it, but it still doesn't work.
    What other option is there?

  • HoroHoro Posts: 8,201

    Sorry of being of no help. I hope somebody else can help you. It works for me Bryce 5.5 Studio 3, Bryce 6 & 7 Studio 3 & 4 all work.

  • MelanieLMelanieL Posts: 6,039

    I've had the bridge working between Bryce and the DS4.12 Beta (not the absolutely latest one, I think mine is, but I'm not on my main PC at the moment)

    If I recall, I had to send something (any object would do) from Bryce to DS first to start the bridge, then I could send things back to Bryce. If I have time later today then I will try it again.

    Which direction are you trying to send things, Chris?

  • ChrisSerketChrisSerket Posts: 202

    I was testing with both directions.
    By adding information to the registry from REGEDIT I was able to get the bridge from Daz to Bryce working.
    However, the bridge from Bryce to Daz still doesn't work, not even with things I sent from Daz to Bryce before.

  • HoroHoro Posts: 8,201
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    I am not sure how you try to access Studio from Bryce over the Bridge. You have to select an object in Bryce (picture shows a tree), then click on File on top. There ought to be a Send to DAZ Studio ... option. Click on it and the Studio Bridge dialogue opens. Just click on the button (because I have Studio 3 & 4, I can select which one to launch).



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  • ChrisSerketChrisSerket Posts: 202

    I do the same procedure, but that box does not open when I click on "SEND TO DAZ STUDIO ..."
    Only Daz Studio opens but absolutely nothing appears.

  • MelanieLMelanieL Posts: 6,039
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    Did you already have Daz Studio open before you tried to send from Bryce? I get a second copy of Daz Studio opened if I do it that way - the first copy of Daz Studio has nothing in it, the object is loaded into the new copy.

    My process was as follows:

    1. Bryce was installed before I installed Daz Studio
    2. Open Bryce and add an object (I just used a stone)
    3. File - Send to Daz Studio ... (this opens Daz Studio and sends the object there)
    4. In Daz Studio, I added another object (I used a daisy plant)
    5. File - Send to Bryce...
    6. The daisy plant arrived in the Bryce window along with of the stone.

    It seems to work both ways for me, if done in that sequence.

    Edit to correct an error.

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  • ChrisSerketChrisSerket Posts: 202

    A while ago I uninstalled daz studio and reinstalled it, but the bridge only works from Daz to Bryce.
    Either having closed daz studio when I send something or not.
    Just the only way I could repair the bridge from Daz to Bryce was with REGEDIT.
    Do you think something like this should be used with the Bryce Bridge to Daz?

    PS: I am with a 64 bit window 10 operating system

  • MelanieLMelanieL Posts: 6,039

    Which version of Daz Studio are you using? (Mine is Version Pro Edition (64-bit) Public Build - Also my Daz PC is still Windows 7)

  • ChrisSerketChrisSerket Posts: 202

    I am using the most current version of Daz Studio 64 bit.

  • srieschsriesch Posts: 4,235
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    To get the bridge working, just reverse the order in which you establish the connection between the two programs.  One direction works, and one doesn't.  I can't remember which direction works, and maybe it even changes depending on the order you installed the two programs.

    Pick either of the two applications, create a primitive or something fast to test with, and send it to the other application.  If that doesn't work, exit both applications, then start the OTHER application first and send the primitive back to the first one, then that should work.  Once you know which way correctly creates the connection, you can delete your test primitive and send your scene over.  Write down what worked and follow that procedure every time.  If you ever reinstall either application, check to see if that changes which one you need to start first.

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  • WendyLuvsCatzWendyLuvsCatz Posts: 31,144
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    it also depends what you are sending from Bryce

    a lot of stuff is simply not compatible 

    terrains usually work but I have had no success with things like the furniture from Shadows cottage for example and most buildings trees and structures  work better as obj exports.

    I just wanted the basic shapes from Shadows cottage in situ for postwork masking and couldn't even do that cheeky in that case it was a simple diorama type set that rendered beautifully in Bryce and I just wanted to postwork DAZ people into it via compositing, so many things rely heavily on Bryce functionality and no real geometry to export, as a Carrara user who utilizes replication I understand that.

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  • KeryaKerya Posts: 10,700
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    Maybe this helps?

    If NotExist Then Add

    "InstallPath"=C:\\Program Files\\DAZ 3D\\DAZStudio4" 

    To have a working bridge (Studio -> Bryce works without adding anything)

    I had to do that too ...

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