why duf file center_point infor dn't matched the paramater in joint editor

for my piple, export the character to maya , and do animation in maya, and data back to daz for render. the problem is the character exported in maya , the joint orientate and position is't straight line that will make ik slover in maya happen error that value is strange and is not fix limition inside daz. so i dicide to fix the joint position and oritentate. when i modify the duf file, for the document know center_point and end_point  and oritenation item is value for  position and oritentation of joint. the problem is joint editor value and the valude in the duf is't the same. the value will less a little, very small, can some body tell the relation of value in duf and the value in joint editor ?

thank you.

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    The red circle is the case where the joint deviates from the straight line. Although it is a little, it is a big problem for the IK solution. We usually fix it. Now I hope to fix these problems in DAZ.   

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  • the picture show a difference between joint fixed character and unfix character.

  • Please put the Viewport in Smooth Shaded mode ebefore taking a screen shot of a nude figure - cmd(Mac)/ctrl(Win) 7


  • ok, l see

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