Creating UV maps for objects

A lot of the tutorials that I've seen are built around UV Mapper Pro which doesn't seem to be available anymore. When I go to the UV Mapper Pro web site it says that they're in the process of setting up a new eCommerce solution. It's been that way for some time.

Is there another tool that you would recommend? Commercial is fine because I want support and demos / tutorials...


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    Well as you're in the Hexagon Discussion thread, yes Hexagon can make UV sets. After "all" the modeling is done, and the merge duplicate points has been applied, save the project, then apply the uvmap and click on the Accept button. Then click on the "line" and the "head" on the top bar and start adding seams, etc. Unfold, rearrange and resize as required. When done, click accept. Glue hair back in.

    3D Coat, has a free trial, an educational edition and the full licensed commercial edition. Also has a forum and there are videos on

    Blender - has a dedicated following with their own forums and tutorials all over the place including And it is free as well as being kept up to date.

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  • Once you get used to the process the UVmapping in Hexagon is fairly easy. The only downside is the map size, try UV mapper classic (or the Pro version) to get around that issue.

    As Catherine3678ab says try some free verions first to see how you get on with them. 

  • Thank you!!

    I will give them all a try and see which one fits best.

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